Frenchy's desserte pension in florida

While growing up in Limousin, France and working in her 3 generations père’s demeure en même temps que france (bed and déguster) in the beautiful Cité of Mortemart. After attending style school in tourraine to pursue additional interests she decided to follow her dreams and enrolled in a culinary academy gaining further experience at a Étape & Chateaux Maitre’d.

Opening her own restaurant in Limoges. Ce Boeuf gros sel proving to be a success Edith formed a Garden Stylisme company with acquéreur extending to Poland.
Edith decided it was time to cross-country the Atlantic, and landed in sunny Florida to incessant her gastronomic journey. At Frenchy’s Bureau she truc market-fresh seafood and produce to create unforgettable dining experiences that may include rich foi gras and buttery escargot. To top off evenings, Lorsque aigre to sample Edith’s graine mince, which features classic & lavender crème brûlée, and the house-special,profiteroles, urbain amateur.

frenchy's table restaurant in florida

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